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Another Day, Another BraveMouse Adventure

Winter 2015. I just finished shooting the photos for a sledding adventure, Cubs in a Tub, in the Sierra Nevada, up the road from Donner Pass. I knew it would be cold. I did not give a lot of thought to the challenges of setting up and taking photos in sub freezing temperatures. It […]

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Fret, Net, Get: “Where Do You Get Your Ideas?”

Give me a blank piece of paper, say “Write a Story,” and I will sigh and make a grocery list.  A blank page is too much wiggle room for me. I get lost in a forest of words, and neither I, nor my characters, can find a way out.

If, on the other hand, you were […]

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Zen and the Art of Wet Hen

I took the photographs for Wet Hen in less than a month. For me that is super fast, and it made me nervous. What was going on?

1.  Necessity. Most of the twenty spreads in Wet Hen call for a rainy outdoor setting. We’re in the middle of […]

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Les Rats Passent a L’Attaque

Experts have warned me about the perils of publishing foreign language or bilingual editions of Early Readers. A word that is “easy” in English may be “hard” in another language, for one thing.

This is true.  “Lipstick” which plays an important part in Princess Pig, is “lápiz labial” in Spanish—a mouthful, for sure.  […]

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How Lori Saved Wet Hen

In a picture book, there’s a dance between text and images.  It  might be a minuet, with words and pictures doing similar steps each on its own side of the page, or a pas de deux, with the words or the images doing most of the heavy lifting. Early Readers, where the text needs […]

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