Wet Hen

Short Vowel Adventures

Coming March 2015

ISBN: 9781940947303

About This Book


Hen is wet.
Hen’s eggs are wet.
“Help!” says Hen.
“I can help!” says Hen’s friend, Ben.

In the third Short Vowel Adventure from BraveMouse Books, Hen and her eggs are off on a wild, wet adventure, even though Hen is not the adventuresome sort. She would prefer to sit quietly in a warm dry spot until her chicks arrive. Luckily, she has a true friend in Ben, who responds to every new challenge with kindness and creativity.

This is a spring story, full of hope, humor, and the promise of new beginnings.


About the Author

Molly Coxe has written Early Readers for Random House, HarperCollins, and Golden Books, which have sold a total of 2 million copies. She loves the Early Reader genre and is excited to have the opportunity to create an Early Reader series for BraveMouse Books.